Project partners

SUSTAIN is carried out by a multidisciplinary consortium of 13 partners from eight European countries: Austria, Belgium, Estonia, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Spain, and United Kingdom.

Project coordination and management

SUSTAIN is coordinated by VU University Medical Centre (VUmc) and the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM).

Project coordinators: Prof. Giel Nijpels, PhD (VUmc) and Prof. Caroline Baan, PhD (RIVM)
Project manager: Simone de Bruin, PhD, MSc (RIVM)

Collaborating partners

The SUSTAIN consortium includes researchers, policy-advisors, and other stakeholders in the fields of health systems and healthcare services for older people in Europe. Consortium members have collaborated in several national and international research projects in the area of integrated care and older people’s care before.




Catalonia (Spain)



Stiftung Gesundheit

  • Henrik Hoffmann
    Henrik Hoffmann
  • Peter Müller
    Peter Müller
  • Konrad Obermann
    Konrad Obermann
  • Sophia Schlette (until February 2017)
    Sophia Schlette (until February 2017)


Universitetet i Oslo

  • Terje Hagen
    Terje Hagen
  • Eliva Atieno Ambugo
    Eliva Atieno Ambugo
  • Viktoria Hoel
    Viktoria Hoel
  • Kathrine Hofgaard Vaage (until January 2018)
    Kathrine Hofgaard Vaage (until January 2018)

The Netherlands


  • Nick Zonneveld
    Nick Zonneveld
  • Mirella Minkman
    Mirella Minkman
  • Henk Nies
    Henk Nies
  • Monique Spierenburg
    Monique Spierenburg
  • Lian Stouthard
    Lian Stouthard


University of Kent

  • Jenny Billings
    Jenny Billings
  • Erica Gadsby
    Erica Gadsby
  • Julie MacInnes
    Julie MacInnes
  • Esther De Weger (until December 2016)
    Esther De Weger (until December 2016)