News from the sites: Seminar day for health care professionals in Surnadal municipality, Norway

Health care professionals from Surnadal, Rindal and Aure were gathered for seminar days on the 10th and 11th of May 2017. The topic was “Coordination on last call – coordination with users and informal carers”

Published: 5th June 2017

The seminar day was organized by Surnadal municipality and The Norwegian Church.

Heidrun Solstad, geriatric nurse from Surnadal municipality, was one of the key speakers and talked about user involvement and the SUSTAIN project.

Solstad talked about user involvement, what it is, and how health care professionals can use it in providing better services. Quote: “user involvement puts the user at the center and understand what the patient wants. The patient will have more influence, and he/she should experience an added value in receiving help on his/her own terms. This method also has a therapeutic effect, because the user becomes more motivated to reach a goal if he/she has contributed to setting that goal”.

 User involvement in the SUSTAIN project will be reached through a three-step model:

Step 1: Present options to the patient:

Step 2: Consider the options:

Step 3: Decision:

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