Alutaguse Hoolekeskus (Foundation)

Ida-Viru County, Mäetaguse
Target group:
Senior and disabled citizens

The objective of the Foundation Alutaguse Hoolekeskus is to facilitate living in dignity and safety for older and disabled citizens by supporting, promoting and maintaining their quality of life. The nursing and health care services of the Care Centre are mainly intended for older people from the Mäetaguse rural municipality and southern region of the Ida-Viru County. The Alutaguse Care Centre is based on a holistic approach recognizing clients’ physical, mental, social and spiritual needs and considering these to be of equal importance. The services have been planned with consideration of the real needs of senior citizens.

Services for older people include integrated nursing care proceeding from the needs determined by an assessment of the patient’s state of health; the services are offered in conformity to the objectives established and based on the (nursing) care plan. All activities are documented; the need for services is re-evaluated periodically to adapt individual (nursing) care plans.


Tallinn and nearby areas of Tallinn
Target group:
Clients discharged to home after the surgery, disabled clients and clients who for some other reason need follow-up care and treatment

Home nursing services are designed to assist older people and patients who are discharged to home after surgery, as well as disabled people and patients who for some other reason need follow-up care and treatment. In collaboration with the patient’s family and a specialist doctor, the best solution is found and the nurse’s role is to help patients stay at home. Medendi provides services that include consulting, drug distribution, blood pressure measurement, pulse reading, measurement of blood glucose with a glucometer, preventing pressure ulcers, treatment and care etc. Also rehabilitation in household activities is provided. Therapy of household activities includes: assessment of the client’s operational capability in his/her home environment; mapping of obstacles in the home environment and recommendations for readjustments; identifying the optimal personal assistance; setting the goal of activities; giving advice regarding personal assistance.